If You stay at KIRINOYA You can look at various historical things.
We look forward to a way of a visitor by the atmosphere that is friendly and full of a heart.


room01.jpg (20723 バイト) room02.jpg (23856 バイト) roomdoor.jpg (18990 バイト)
Room1 Room2 Door

Many Japanese Traditional Display

hinawa.jpg (17182 バイト) yari.jpg (26713 バイト) yoroi01.jpg (24600 バイト)
Japanese old gun Samurai spear Samurai armor
ido.jpg (19739 バイト) kago.jpg (16404 バイト) yoroi02.jpg (24083 バイト)
Old water well Samurai carry cage Samurai armor

Room Charge No Meals
Small Single 3,500 yen
Single 5,000 yen
Double 9,000 yen
Triple 13,500 yen
For Four 17,000 yen
For Five 20,000 yen
For Six More Persons 4,000 yen / 1Person
Child Charge
Until 3 Years Old No Charge
Until 6 Years Old 2,500 yen
Until 12 Years Old 3,500 yen
More Than 13 Years Old Same Price For Adult
Dinner 1,050 yen~1,365 yen 
Breakfast 525 yen~735 yen
Note : Japanese-style common bath and shower is available 
for use on a staggered-time system.
Check in / Check out Check in : PM 15:00 ~ PM 20:00 / Check out : AM 10:00
Sending & Pick up Sending : AM 7:00~AM 11:00 / Pick up : PM 15:00~PM 19:00
Keisei Narita ST. West EXIT , JR Narita ST. East EXIT.

FROM NARITA AIRPORT : There are three ways to get to KIRINOYA

Access :
  1. 9 min. by taxi from Narita Airport (about 2,500 yen)
  2. From Airport to Narita Station Economic Transportation with KEISEI Line every 3 up to 12 minutes. One Departure 250 yen.
    From Terminal    2 to Narita Station ---- 7 minutes
  3. With JR Line from Terminal    1 is 230 yen. From Terminal    2 is 190 yen.
    Cheap but Train travel only once or twice in one hour.